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Jan 31, 2022
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Welcome to Teal Plank Workshop, your premier destination for exquisite and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces for your Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design needs. Explore our diverse collection, and discover the Echelon Sofa Hugger Table in elegant Natural Brass finish, a true masterpiece to adorn your living space.

Unmatched Style and Functionality

The Echelon Sofa Hugger Table (Natural Brass) is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its sleek and contemporary design effortlessly merges form and function, making it an ideal addition to any modern home or professional space.

Premium Quality Materials

At Teal Plank Workshop, we believe in using only the finest materials to create furniture that stands the test of time. The Echelon Sofa Hugger Table is expertly crafted from high-quality brass, ensuring durability and resilience against daily wear and tear.

Elevate Your Living Space

With its unique sofa hugging design, this table seamlessly fits over the armrest of your sofa, providing a convenient surface for drinks, snacks, or decorations. It allows you to maximize the functionality of your living space, without compromising on style.

Enhance Your Decor

The Echelon Sofa Hugger Table (Natural Brass) boasts a polished and sophisticated look that effortlessly complements a wide range of interior styles. Whether you have a minimalist, industrial, or eclectic aesthetic, this table will become a focal point and conversation starter in any room.

Versatility and Adaptability

This table's versatility extends beyond its use as a sofa hugging table. Its compact size and sleek design make it an excellent choice for various other purposes. Use it as a side table next to your favorite armchair, a bedside table, or even as an accent table in your hallway.

Unleash Your Creativity

The Echelon Sofa Hugger Table (Natural Brass) allows you to showcase your unique sense of style and creativity. Use it as a platform to display decorative items such as vases, sculptures, or art pieces. Its reflective surface adds depth and visual interest to your curated displays.

Seamless Integration

Integrating the Echelon Sofa Hugger Table into your existing decor is effortless. Its neutral brass finish complements a wide range of color palettes, making it easy to coordinate with your current furniture and accessories. Make a lasting impression with this refined and versatile piece.

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Transform your living space with the Echelon Sofa Hugger Table (Natural Brass) from Teal Plank Workshop. Browse our online catalogue and explore our exceptional collection of Arts & Entertainment - Visual Arts and Design furniture. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that your purchase will be a cherished addition to your home or office.

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Brian Tackett
This table is a perfect blend of style and functionality! 😍👌
Nov 8, 2023